Read Tara’s emotional testimonial of the day…

I had looked at my alarm and hit snooze for what was probably the 4th or 5th time. It’s funny, when I see this picture I don’t remember ever looking like that…. but I remember exactly how I felt that day, the outfit I wore, and the thoughts that were going through my head. I must have been pushing 140lbs, and at 5’2″; and with my frame, that was letting myself go.

Whenever Friday rolled around during this time in my life it was HAPPY HOUR! But, then again it wasn’t just Friday it was also Monday Night at “Joseph’s” in Hollywood and Taco Tuesday Margaritas, Wednesday at “Spider Club”, Thursday drinks at the Mondrian and frequent Vegas trips to “Have Fun” and get straight plastered.


The picture on the left was actually taken here, in Hawaii. I decided to take a trip during Thanksgiving (running away from myself in LA). I was still paralyzed emotionally from a 5 yr relationship I had gotten out of with the man I was going to marry, experienced a miscarriage ……. Food & Alcohol were really great friends of mine…. Frequent and and Free flowing. I’ve always been blessed with great friends… Yet, the walls I had built around my heart and my spirit were really high and triple layered with self doubt and no real purpose… at times numb. Yet, the reality of the self inflicted pain I caused myself and others formed a lump in my throat all day like a golf ball was stuck.

There’s so much more I could share about the mindset and the “whoa is me” thoughts that went through my head….. but for now I’d just like to say GRATEFUL GOOD MORNING I am in a new space. In the same place as in Location (Hawaii); yet the world around me is now shifted because of a choice that a friend of mine made to be a YES to life…. to open the door for my best friend to be a YES to life… and ultimately created a space for me to be a YES. At times I don’t really ask questions and I know I get stuck in HAPPY LAND…. but it’s mornings like these when I wake up to text messages thanking me for the type of things we should ALL be doing in the world anyways…..the message of HOPE and the work many of us are collectively sharing with the world. It starts with the Herbalife NUTRITION and FITNESS for the body, and brings the option of HAPPINESS and LOVE and WORTH to the forefront of people’s minds, hearts and spirits.

The only thing that can change the course of our lives are the blessings we open our eyes to and grasp on tight as we let go of the life that was never a life at all…… from LACK to ABUNDANCE. We all deserve a life of TODAY not who we use to be…. But the NEW, FRESH LIFE of NOW
– Tara M.

Tara Malia after

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