CONGRATULATIONS to the Winner of this year’s Direct Seller of The Year Award!

Direct Selling Association UK

Every year at our Conferences, we recognise and celebrate great achievements from those in our industry. During Global Entrepreneurship Week, we spoke to Daniel Spiller, President’s Team Member for Herbalife, and winner of this year’s Direct Seller of The Year Award.

Daniel Spiller, President's Team member, Herbalife

Daniel first discovered Herbalife in 2012 whilst working as a Professional Footballer, and saw that famous footballer, Lionel Messi, was using the products. Coincidentally, his brother had just joined Herbalife as a Distributor so decided to try out the products himself. After seeing great results through using the products, he decided to explore the business opportunity available through Herbalife.

After signing up, Daniel started selling the Herbalife products to his fellow team mates and friends and began to build up a secondary career through direct selling. He also began to attend Business Building Seminars, which gave him the guidance and motivation to carry on building his Herbalife business. Following the great results that Daniel’s customers received through use of the products and the sharing of their positive success stories, his client base began to rapidly increase.

Through putting in a lot of hard work through connecting with as any people as possible and putting in long hours at the beginning of his Herbalife journey, combined with his confidence and belief in the products, Daniel now has a business and lifestyle he loves, with a staggering 5,000 Herbalife Distributors in his team.

Despite his previous career not being from a sales background, Daniel has shown that direct selling can work for anyone, and believes that if you are hard-working, willing to learn and happy to learn from others, you can be successful in the direct selling industry.

Daniel’s hard work has been recognised and lead to him winning the prestigious Direct Seller of the Year Award at the DSA UK Annual Conference this year. His plans for the future are to keep on learning and growing his business, along with continuing to support his team and enjoy his life as much as possible.

A truly incredible achievement, congratulations Daniel!


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