SASA’S HEALTHY LIVING- Video- Frozen Yogurt: Healthy or Not?

Find out why frozen yogurt may not be your healthiest snack.

Let’s break down what you could find in 16oz (450 grams) of frozen yogurt.
– Unless it’s sugar free, a 16oz serving (450 grams) of frozen yogurt has 75 grams of sugar, that’s about 19 teaspoons!
– 3/4 of the calories in a serving of frozen yogurt comes from sugar
– A lot less protein, a lot more sugar, and fewer beneficial bacteria than regular yogurt

Fill a bowl with frozen yogurt and you might as well be eating 3 large chocolate covered peppermint patties!

Frozen yogurt sounds like a healthy snack option but when you break it down you may realize it’s not as low calorie as you think. And, while there are a multitude of fruity flavors, many frozen yogurt options lack nutrients.


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