SASA’S WELLNESS ADVICE! Try this 21- Day- Belly Fat Booster!

21- Day- Belly Fat Booster!
Cleanse your digestive system! Lose your BELLY FAT now- for a perfect SUMMER BODY!

21 cleansing

Get these 4 Products for a perfect result!

21-Day Herbal Balancing Program $36

21 Day Herbal Cleaning Program

Active Fiber Complex $27.50



Florafiber $15


Herbal Aloe Concentrate $30

Herbal Aloe Concentrate

Total: $108.50 (4 Products)


Or try the ADVANCED KIT version, adding our world Bestseller 

Herbalife Formula 1 Healthy Meal Shake $39.10 !

4 shakes_HER 17a


Choose your 1, 2 or 3 Favorite Shakes from many different flavors!>>>

#3106 French Vanilla 750g

#2674 Dulce de Leche 750g

#1130 Pumpkin Spice 750g (for a limited time!)

#1164 Orange Cream 750g

#3138 Mint Chocolate 780g

#3107 Dutch Chocolate 750g

#3108 Wild Berry 750g

#3110 Cookies ‘n Cream 750g

#3141 Piña Colada 750g

#2775 Cafe Latte 780g

#1213 Vanilla non-GM ingredients 750g  $ 45

#3117 Vanilla – Allergen Free 810g $41.75

#0145 Kosher (Vanilla) 550g $28.55

Ask me for all details!
Helping you enjoy a healthy, active and successful life!
Call: (+1) 2143290702

Sasa 2010_HER


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