Are YOU keeping on track with your GOOD RESOLUTIONS for 2015? READ THIS!

Are YOU keeping on track with your GOOD RESOLUTIONS for 2015?


Here’s a thought as we draw nearer the end of January … a focal point towards achieving your success:

Three simple rules, if followed through will help you build consistency in keeping your health, financial and relationship goals—even on the toughest days.

Rule #1: Never allow yourself to believe “I’m not motivated.”
Unless you REALLY don’t want to lose weight, be healthy or live a debt free lifestyle. The truth is as long as you DO want these things, that is all the motivation you’ll ever need. Its all about reminding yourself where you want to go and making the appropriate choice when faced with opposing appetites or habits.

Rule #2: Build momentum one step at a time.
The hardest part is always getting things started. But once you start moving – step by step – staying in motion and picking up speed will become a lot easier.

Rule #3: Always have a plan B.
Because life can be unpredictable and complicated, you need to have a plan B ready—even before you actually need it! Plan B is another way to remain consistent with your goals when your regular routine doesn’t work out as you expected.

To your success!

Source: The Parable of the Pipeline by Burke Hegdes


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