SASA’S HEALTH & WELLNESS TIPS: Natural Remedies for 3 Common Side Effects of Medication

Natural Remedies for 3 Common Side Effects of Medication

Natural Remedies for 3 side effects of medication

There are times and places for using prescription drugs. A major accident, heart attack, stroke, cancer, infection—these are all reasons to take medication for a period of time.

But when you’re sick and given a powerful drug, it can cause other side effects. Often, a health care provider’s solution is to prescribe more medication to deal with those side effects. However, that new drug can cause more side effects…and it becomes a side effect cycle with little relief.

Before you fill a new prescription, talk to your doctor about trying natural strategies for three common side effects of medication:

Side effect: Constipation

When you’re sick, bowel issues are the last thing you want to deal with—it can be uncomfortable or even painful. Yet many medications are dehydrating and can cause constipation or interrupt regularity.

Luckily, a simple solution is best: drink more water. If you’re having a hard time drinking water, herbal teas like mint, anise, licorice and ginger are naturally decaffeinated, provide digestive support and have stimulatory properties.

Also, eat more foods high in soluble and insoluble fiber like vegetables and whole grains. If you’re still noticing constipation or regularity issues, talk to your doctor about whether a high-quality fiber supplement might help.

Finally, antibiotics may cause constipation because the medication can disrupt the balance of bacteria in your gut. Adding a probiotic can help restore balance and promote regularity.

Side effect: Nausea

Nausea contributes to just generally feeling terrible—and who wants that on top of an illness or injury? There are two nausea remedies I recommend. First, ginger, in nearly any form: ginger tea, fresh ginger, ginger powder, ginger capsules or ginger ale (although the ale tends to have high amounts of sugar, which I discourage). You can also try an Anti-Nausea Banana-Ginger Smoothie, which is packed with soluble and insoluble fiber<link: ginger smoothie recipe>.

Second, I recommend seasickness bands. They work by applying pressure to a pressure point on the wrist and can quickly help relieve nausea. I cared for a woman who was having horrible morning sickness during pregnancy, and after putting on the bands, she was 100 percent better almost instantly. Seasickness bands can do the same for nausea caused by medication.

Side effect: Lack of appetite

Food is the fuel your body needs to complete almost every task, including getting well. Unfortunately, it’s common for prescription medication to cause a lack of appetite.

To help regain appetite, try what are known as “bitters.” Nutritional and herbal products that have bitter properties can help stimulate appetite and actually improve digestive function. Most bitters have been combined into liquors, but I don’t recommend drinking alcohol while you’re sick. Instead, try a simple appetite stimulator: lemon juice in room temperature water. Be sure to drink it along with meal, and it may help you regain your appetite.

It’s hard being sick or injured. If you need to take medication, just remember that the side effects don’t necessarily require more medication. Try these natural remedies to help restore your body’s natural balance while relieving symptoms.

What natural remedies have worked for you?

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