SASA’S Q & A of the Day! Q: Why is simply skipping meals or eating less to lose weight not a healthy and successful option?

SASA’S Q & A of the Day!

Q and A
Q: Why is simply skipping meals or eating less to lose weight not a healthy and successful option?

A: Yes you can loose weight with those “crash diet” plans, and you’ll probably lose weight initially. Chances are high though, that you’ll reach a plateau after some weeks and find that unless you skip another meal or eat even lesser, your weight won’t go down anymore. What’s more, during this period of “dieting” you’ll feel hungry and tire easily, and your mood suffers.
In a crash diet, the calories intake (from skipping meals) will be very low, as well as the NUTRITION intake! Your body metabolism will drop. Having low metabolism is bad, because once you’ll go back to “normal food” intake upon reaching your target weight, it will likely shoot up again, often putting back even more kilos than before!
This is also known as “yo-yo effect”. By taking in less food than your body needs, it’ll go into a “starvation mode” and metabolism can drop down as much as 30%.
Is this what you want to go through? Certainly NO!
The key to healthy weight lose is to boost your metabolism naturally; by eating healthily and exercising.
Herbalife promotes a healthy, active lifestyle with 80% NUTRITIOn and 20% Workout!
Our meal replacement products provide you the complete NUTRIENTS to stay healthy. By ensuring that your body is well fed with nutrients at the cellular level, your natural metabolism actually maintains, if not increases. That’s the benefit of Herbalife Nutrition programs over any other form of diet pills.
Helping you enjoy a healthy, active and successful life!
Empowering You To Change
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