5 Healthy Snacks to Pack in Your Bag by Dr. Lou Ignarro


5 Healthy Snacks to Pack in Your Bag


A key to weight loss or maintenance—and to keeping the heart healthy—is what you eat between meals. Along with breakfast, lunch and dinner, make sure you eat two healthy snacks that each contain about 200 calories; this helps keep your blood sugar steady throughout the day. Don’t rely on vending machines or fast food—pack your own! Here are five easy snacks you can pack in your bag.

#1 Nuts
Nuts are the ultimate snack because they contain healthy fat and protein, which can help you feel fuller, longer. Depending on the nut, a handful (about 30) is usually a good amount.

#2 Fruit
An apple, banana or orange makes a sweet and healthful snack. Since each fruit contains about 100 calories or less, combine it with about 15 nuts to get your fill.

#3 Granola
Make your own healthy granola, and bring it with you each day. Not only will it give you a nutritional boost, but it will also keep you full—and satisfied—for hours.

#4 Kale chips
Even if you don’t like kale, try kale chips. Add a drizzle of olive oil and fresh garlic before baking, then enjoy this healthy snack to stave off the mid-afternoon crash.

#5 Nut butter sandwich
Choose your favorite all-natural nut butter—almond, walnut, peanut—and spread it on whole grain bread. Enjoy half in the morning and half in the afternoon to get your fill of healthy fats and fiber. (Be sure the nut butter you choose has no added sugars.)

For more healthy meal and snack ideas, try these:

Wild Berry Protein Beverage Mix ProteinBarDeluxe_VanillaAlmond

soy nuts Creamy Chicken SoupMix

What will be YOUR favorite snack?

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