WATCH THIS VIDEO: Adding flavor without calories: The best vinegars for cooking

Adding flavor without calories: The best vinegars for cooking

In the quest to add flavor without calories, vinegar is one of the best options within your pantry. With a little more knowledge about the different kinds of vinegars, their flavor profiles and suggested uses, you’ll have lots of fun experimenting in the world of vinegar. Soon your dishes will spring to life.

Vinegars come in a wide variety of flavors as they are made not only from fermented fruit (apples, grapes) but also from fermented grain (malt, rice). The fermentation process creates the intensity of flavor and each vinegar type contributes significantly to your dish, whether it’s a simple dressed salad or a grilled salmon entrée.

You’ll find that some vinegars are aged for a mellow, sweeter flavor. Others are ideal for home pickling. No matter which kind of vinegar you use most frequently, it’s time to experiment with new ones!

Susan Bowerman offers lots of great tips for adding flavor to food without a lot of calories—find more videos in this Blog!

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