Dining Out: Comparing sandwiches | Herbalife Healthy Eating Advice

Dining Out: Comparing sandwiches | Herbalife Healthy Eating Advice

Grabbing a sandwich on the go is usually a fast and simple choice. Unfortunately, not all sandwiches are the same when it comes to nutritional content and some could pack a lot of fat and hidden calories.

In this healthy eating video, Susan Bowerman, MS, RD, CSSD, FAND compares popular sandwiches and provides easy to understand advice. If you plan to eat a sandwich you’ll be able to make the best choice based on taste, calories and nutrition content.

Things you want to think about when choosing your sandwich:
– Type of bread – Whether you love rye, sourdough or oat – some sandwich breads and rolls pack calories whereas others incorporate extra fiber or nutrients
– Fillings – Watch out for processed meats and high fat cheeses that can up the sodium and fat content in your favorite sandwich
– Dressings and Toppings – Many tasty dressings, condiments and toppings add huge amounts of calories, sodium and fat

Susan headed to a local restaurant to pick up two sandwich options and here’s what she found: – A turkey and ham sandwich made with nine grain bread, filled with cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, and various vegetables, no cheese and dressed with mustard tops out at 290 calories, 4.5 grams of fat, and has 730 milligrams of sodium. – A spicy Italian sandwich made with the same nine grain bread and vegetables but has different meats like pepperoni and salami, includes cheese, and dressed with Italian dressing adds up to 530 calories! It has nearly twice the calories of the other sandwich. The amount of protein in both sandwiches is about the same but the fat level is significantly higher in the spicy Italian sandwich. The spicy Italian sandwich has about 30 grams of fat, 6 times the fat that is in the turkey and ham sandwich. The spicy Italian also has more than twice the sodium at about 1,490 milligrams. Eating a spicy Italian sandwich would be like eating 3 frosted donuts!

Has this helped you better understand how to make a healthier sandwich choice?


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