VIDEO: Are Ramen Instant Noodles Healthy? | Herbalife Healthy Eating Advice

Are Ramen Instant Noodles Healthy? | Herbalife Healthy Eating Advice

Ramen noodles may be an easy-to-cook option for snacks, lunch and even dinner but may not be as healthy as you think.

Most people would assume ramen noodles are a good snack or mini meal because it’s low calorie. What most people don’t realize is that packages of instant noodles have two servings. So if you eat the entire package of instant noodles you’re going to have to double all the nutrition information on the back of the label.

When it comes to eating ramen, you may want to watch your portion size to avoid eating extra calories, and limit your fat and sodium consumption. What do you get in 380 calories worth of instant noodles? 14 grams of fat and about 1,600 milligrams of sodium. That’s the equivalent of making a meal or snack out of 24 crackers!

Next time you’re tempted to snack on ramen, keep in mind how much fat and sodium they contain.

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