Video: Herbalife Impact: Cleaning Up Our Community

Giving back to your community is so important. It shows you appreciate your community and want to preserve the beauty of what it has to offer. It also shows the commitment you have to making a positive impact and setting the right tone for those who watch. Knowing that you’re able to make a difference is satisfying and rewarding, too.

In this video you’ll see Independent Herbalife members and customers from all over California and from around the country come together to clean up one of California’s finest beaches in Los Angeles. The objective was to give back and showcase a positive, powerful message about the values and character of Herbalife. And it’s clear that the mission was a fun and exciting success. As you’re giving back, you can feel the levels of excitement hit you–or as one participant puts it, “Just the sheer magnitude of the square footage of the area we’re going to clean up is electrifying.”

Independent Herbalife Members came together to show how much they care about the local community that has provided so much for them. It was an energetic movement to show the positive impact of Herbalife. And the adventure showed that any task, no matter how small, meant to help improve or spruce up your community is helpful.

“If they can leave knowing that [Independent Herbalife Members are] really out there to bring ….wellness, happiness and fulfillment into the community—if they can leave with that message, then we’ve done a great job.”

Knowing that actively participating in helping to clean up the environment and community leaves a positive impression and shows it’s worth making a difference.

“Any time you can increase joy in somebody’s life, that’s the ultimate success.”

Herbalife is dedicated to providing nutrition and support for a healthy, active lifestyle. But Herbalife goes beyond nutrition by committing to charity and giving back to the community. These are the values the Herbalife community, which includes Herbalife customers and Independent Herbalife Members, carries and promotes.

Whether it’s to promote a healthy, active life or support each other on a transformative journey into a healthier lifestyle, the Herbalife community sticks together.

If a group of dedicated and excited Independent Herbalife members can leave such a great impression in one beach, imagine the impact on the world if everyone worked together to give back?

Herbalife Impact Beach Clean-up is just the beginning of where and how you can make a difference in your community. For Independent Herbalife Members, the next step is organizing and motivating more individuals to participate in community impact events like the beach clean-up in this video. Will you join Herbalife?

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