Video: How Does Dutch Swim Coach Jacco Verhaeren Guide His Athletes with Herbalife Nutrition?

How Does Dutch Swim Coach Jacco Verhaeren Guide His Athletes with Herbalife Nutrition?

Dutch swim coach Jacco Verhaeren shares behind-the-scenes knowledge about what it takes to train Olympic gold medalist swimmers and the importance of proper nutrition in the sport of swimming.

In this video, John Heiss, Ph. D., Director of Sports and Fitness, Worldwide Product Marketing at Herbalife, finds himself in Eindhoven, Netherlands at the well-known Swim Academy (Pieter van den Hoogenbad Zwemstadion) to speak with Jacco about his life as a swim coach.

First, Jacco takes Dr. Heiss on a tour of the stadium and discusses the evolution of what it means to be a swim coach. Jacco remembers when he first began coaching one of the tools he used to help swimmers train was a stopwatch. He used it to track and help implement swimmer’s time goals. Times have changed. Training equipment is now smarter and more accurate in helping swimmers achieve certain goals. The advanced system monitors everything from the power of a start push-up to angles to changes in swimming. Behind the information is a group of coaches, like Jacco, scientists, and doctors to help swimmers improve their technics and face new challenges in the aquatic sport.

Now the science behind swimming is important. But, the nutrition of the athlete involved in the water sport is equally crucial. Jacco emphasizes the importance of hydration and how it’s easy for swimmers to be unaware about the fluids they’re losing when being active in the water. That’s where Herbalife24 comes in—to help the athletes recover and prepare for their routine.

Swimmers are athletes, 24-hours a day, therefore they need to consume the same nutrients as other sportsmen. Whether they’re lifting weights in the morning, or testing their endurance at night, Jacco says products like Herbalife24 Prolong, Herbalife24 Formula 1 Sport, and Herbalife24 Hydrate support athletes’ performance and recovery period. Assuring that his athletes consume proper nutrition is part of his job as a swim coach to the Netherlands national swimming team.

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