VIDEO: How Does Arctic Explorer Sebastian Copeland Get Through Frozen Lands? | Herbalife24

How Does Arctic Explorer Sebastian Copeland Get Through Frozen Lands? | Herbalife24

Extreme adventurer Sebastian Copeland was the first person to cross Antarctica from the Pole of Inaccessibility to the South Pole—a journey never before traveled by man. Sebastian completed this grueling and brutal adventure with proper training and #ProperNutrition. Find out how #HerbalifeNutrition has helped polar explorer Sebastian Copeland accomplish his goals.

In 2011 and 2012, Arctic explorer Sebastian Copeland participated in the Antarctica Legacy, a 4000 kilometers crossing challenge. Sebastian Copeland (along with his partner) set out to travel from the Pole of Inaccessibility and the South Pole—both locations man had not traveled before. After 82 days of travel, the men became the first to cross Antarctica from east to west through two of its poles. Sebastian successfully completed this feat without means of motorized transportation and while carrying around 400 pounds (180 kilograms) of supplies.

Exploring the Polar poles can be brutal and exhausting to the body—not to mention very, very cold. In this video adventurer and Herbalife sponsored athlete Sebastian Copeland talks about what led him to begin Arctic exploration, what the conditions of the Polar regions are like, and how he fuels himself to get through the extreme environment with Herbalife® products, one step at a time.

As a child, Sebastian remembers reading books and recounts about the Age of Exploration. From those tales, he developed a sense of adventure and discovery. He combined his interest in discovering what nature has to offer with his passion for athleticism to take on the challenges of an Arctic expedition.

“When you’re out on the ice, everything comes at you. You’ve got this freezing, humid, cold Arctic wind that goes right through you and penetrates you to the bone. You have no option but to move forward.”

Although the climate conditions seem to be harsh, there is more to the sport of exploration which includes carrying gear weighing between 200 to 400 pounds (90 to around 182 kilograms), hiking for 8 to 10 hours at a time, and assuring the body is injury-free. The combination of these elements means training for this activity is going to be intense.

Sebastian delves into the workouts and routines designed to preemptively and physiologically prepare his body to get through these remote and frigid regions. His body has to be ready to endure not only the climatic challenges, but also the weight of the supplies he will be pulling. Part of training his body includes proper nutrition and healthy dieting.

“I’m big on the Herbalife24® product line. That’s generally what I go to.”

Herbalife24 proudly sponsors and supports Sebastian, whether he is traversing on skis in Antarctica or kiting through Greenland. Herbalife24, balanced nutrition designed for athletes, is crucial to Sebastian in order to encourage him to perform at the top of his skill. Among the products that Sebastian enjoys is Herbalife24 Prolong, the product designed to be consumed during high intensity or extended exercise.* It’s packed with dual-source carbohydrates for sustained performance, vitamin C, and electrolytes* and is convenient to ingest.

While on the frozen trail, Sebastian turns to the Herbalife24 Formula 1 Sport shake which he says “fills you up, fuels your muscles, makes you feel good and it tastes great.” The Herbalife24 Formula 1 Sport shake provides the foundation for performance, which includes energy, protein, support for immune function, and an athlete’s dietary needs.

Once Sebastian and his body are fueled up, trained, and ready to go he embarks on his exploration, getting through it one step at a time.

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