On the North Shore with Gabriel Villaran | Herbalife24

On the North Shore with Gabriel Villaran | Herbalife24

Do you challenge yourself when you’re being active? Herbalife sponsored athlete and pro-surfer Gabriel Villarán is always ready to push himself to the next level when surfing. Discover how he accomplishes this feat with #HerbalifeNutrition in this video.

On the North Shore of Hawaii, Herbalife24® sponsored pro surfer Gabriel Villaran is living out his dream of being a professional surfer.

In this video, Gabriel talks about the experiences and culture that come from being a surfer. For Gabriel, surfing is an incredible and unique adventure, which he recommends to anyone and everyone.

His start

Gabriel’s first memory with a wave goes back to the time he was around 3 or 4 years old in Lima, Peru. He remembers getting on a long-board with help from his father. Gabriel describes the sensation of his first contact with water like riding a bike for the first time or getting on a rollercoaster for the first time: a lot of emotion and a lot of reaction. He has been riding waves ever since.

Gabriel believes nutrition is an import element to help his surfing performance. It’s important to maintain a healthy diet. For instance, when he is about to set off on a long day of practice, he consumes a good breakfast because it means more energy, feeling healthier and it builds his confidence.

Herbalife24 has the right products athletes like Gabriel need for their sport. Gabriel says Herbalife products give him the ability to feel more powerful and stronger every time he surfs.

Herbalife24 performance nutrition provides him the confidence to push himself to the limit.

Herbalife24 is comprehensive performance nutrition, made to help support the 24-hour needs of athletes. It’s designed to help maintain their strength and endurance before, during, and after training and workout sessions.

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