SASA’S BEAUTY TIPS: How do you fix patches of dry skin without ruining your makeup? | Herbalife Beauty

How do you fix patches of dry skin without ruining your makeup? | Herbalife Beauty

Herbalife beauty expert, Jacquie Carter shares some excellent tips to help your skin stay moisturized and your makeup looking great!

If you tend to have dry skin, there are some things you can do that may help moisturize your skin. Make sure you’re using the right moisturizers and serums for you. Moisturizing the skin is very important. Apply your moisturizer right after you bathe or shower, that way your skin is still damp. Be sure to use a daytime product containing SPF and a richer, replenishing night cream at bedtime. A hydrating eye cream can be used for the delicate skin around the eyes. Having and using a good moisturizer may be your best defense against dry skin.

Say you do moisturize, but some of your dry skin patches are beginning to show under your makeup. Prepare your skin before you apply makeup with a facial mist or spray. Facial mists or sprays are great tools that help hydrate your skin and may extend the wear time of your makeup. You can also use a quencher after applying your makeup. Facial quenchers supply an extra layer of moisture on top of your makeup that may help reduce the appearance of the dryness.

More tips on how to avoid dry skin.

Aim to say no to hot water. Sure, having a steamy shower or hot bath feels like a great liquid blanket, but the skin can suffer from the heat. Hot water can strip your body of its natural oils that act as a barrier for your skin. These barriers matter because they help trap much needed moisture to keep your skin hydrated. Take a warm shower instead. And once you’re done, gently pat your skin dry, and immediately apply your facial moisturizers while your skin is still damp.

Speaking of gently patting your skin, be gentle. When you cleanse or scrub your skin, take it easy. Don’t exfoliate or scrub too hard because it may irritate your skin. It’s important to use gentle cleansers as well. Anything that has harsh deodorants and detergents can leave your skin feeling extra dry and irritated. Choose a cleanser that contains natural ingredients like aloe vera, which will help soothe and soften the skin. Remember to rise clean. You want to remove traces of soap and cleanser from your face. Lingering product can cause dryness and itching.

Staying hydrated is essential! That’s right, you can moisturize the outside of your body with creams, serums, and lotions but it’s equally important to stay hydrated by drinking fluids. Drinking water throughout the day helps keep both your body and your skin hydrated.


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