How to Soothe a Sunburn

Posted by Jacquie Carter, beauty expert

How_to_sooth_sunburn_DiscoverGoodBeauty_If you enjoy being outdoors as much as I do then it’s very likely that you too have experienced a sunburn or two during your lifetime. And boy oh boy, are they hard to forget. The pain, the redness, the peeling…it’s a disaster for our skin. And the one thing we all look for post sunburn… is ways to help soothe our poor aching skin.

Unprotected sun exposure is a key contributor to skin damage, premature aging and even skin cancer. But lets face it, even those of us who take every precaution to protect our skin against the harmful UVA and UVB rays can sometime mess up. And when we get a sunburn we sure do pay the price. So, if you forgot to take cover in the shade, didn’t wear your Broad spectrum sunscreen or perhaps simply forgot to reapply after a quick dip in the pool I have a few tips to help calm your skin. If it’s red, if it’s in pain then it is screaming for your help and there are a few ways to soothe that sunburn.

Here are a few quick tips to help soothe the sunburn.


If your body feels like it is on fire after getting burned then you need to take a moment to cool down. Take a cool shower or bath to help alleviate the discomfort and to keep your overall body temperature from rising. Avoid washcloths, as even the softest cloth may feel like course sandpaper gnawing at your skin. Allow the cool water to cover your body to provide that cooling down comfort. If you can, forget about using soap. Doesn’t sound appealing I’m sure but, some harsh cleansers and fragrances in your bar soap or shower gel can aggravate your already irritated skin.

If you don’t have access to a cool shower or bath right away then try spraying your skin with cold water or applying cold compresses. Any little bit of cold water should give your skin a little bit of relief.

Top Tip: Don’t linger too long in the tub. If you soak for too long chances are your skin will become dryer and more irritated. You want to avoid dry skin at all costs. Remember dry skin leads to itching and scratching a sunburn, leads to PAIN!


Depending on the location and severity of your sunburn you may wish to avoid any tight clothing or articles of clothes that are in troublesome spots. The straps on your bathing suit, the waistband on your pants and even the collar on your shirt can become major points of irritation. So, as soon as you can, take off your clothes to prohibit any unnecessary tightness or rubbing of your sunburned skin. If you can stay unclothed,  then go for it. If you can’t, cover up with loose fitting lightweight clothing to avoid the pain.


Lots of people have used aloe for instant sunburn relief. For quick relief until you can get a properly medicated anti-irritant product, you could just snip off a couple of aloe leaves and squeeze the gel directly onto your burned skin.

But remember, there is no substitute for a true anti-irritant product. Look for a product that lists among its indications treatment of sunburn and skin irritation. Sunburn is a medical condition that should be treated properly.


When your skin is fried it is also dehydrated from the much needed moisture it needs to function at its best. Replenish your entire body with water during this time. If your body is hydrated it will help your sunburn feel better and heal faster. So drink up. This is also a good time to nourish and hydrate the skin’s surface to keep it from becoming dry, more irritated and itchy.


With most sunburn comes pain and inflammation. Taking an over the counter pain reliever such as ibuprofen or aspirin can definitely help with the discomfort. Always take medication as directed on the packaging and discontinue use if you have any issues.

Sunburn can be a serious thing and should not be taken lightly. If you do experience a burn:

Get out of the sun right away. The longer you keep your skin exposed the more damage you may get. This exposure can ultimately increase your chances of skin cancer. Remove yourself immediately.

Check for blisters. If your skin has blistered as a result of the sunburn then you should consider seeking medical attention as soon as possible.

No one wants to derail his or her summer plans just because of sunburn. Go out and enjoy just remember to stay covered up and in the shade, wear an SPF 30 broad spectrum sunscreen and reapply throughout the day. If your skin is starting to redden, remove yourself from the sun. Hey, there are a lot of indoor activities that are fun too. Think movies, bowling, mani/pedi and my favorite….SHOPPING!

Remember, the healthiest skin is the most beautiful!

Written by beauty expert, Jacquie Carter. Jacquie is Director of Outer Nutrition at Herbalife. Discover the HerbalifeSKIN line here.


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