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Want to LOSE WEIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS to fit into your party dress?

Source: Want to LOSE WEIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS to fit into your party dress?


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SASA’S WORDS OF THE DAY- Life is a series of CHOICES!


Life is a series of CHOICES! It’s our positive emotions that guide us and inspire us towards the changes we truly desire!


La vita è una serie di scelte! E ‘le nostre emozioni positive che ci guidano e ci ispirano verso i cambiamenti che veramente desideriamo!

Das Leben ist eine Serie unserer AUSWAHL! Es sind unsere positiven Emotionen, die uns leiten und uns in Richtung der Veränderungen, die wir wirklich wollen, inspirieren!
La vie est une série de choix! Ce sont nos émotions positives qui nous guident et nous inspirent vers les changements que nous désirons vraiment!

Sabrina Theis


The party season is here! Make the most of the holidays, and feel great doing it!

Make the most of the holidays, and feel great doing it!

Party season has arrived, and there’s no better time to be looking great and feeling amazing. To help you stay motivated on your fitness and nutrition plan, our Herbalife experts share their perfect winter workout, give the lowdown on fats, and reveal holiday beauty secrets.

Care for your heart!

Herbalifeline winter 2015a
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Holiday glamour

To look and feel your best this season, follow beauty expert Jacquie Carter’s top tips to help you learn some new techniques and achieve an unforgettable party look!

Looking glamorous is well within reach for all of us! Learn some glamorous makeup techniques to play up your eyes, cheeks and lips for a truly unforgettable face!

What does glamour mean to you? More importantly, how do you make yourself look and feel glamorous? Whether it’s a stunning outfit, a bit of glamorous makeup or a combination of both, the way you look on the outside reflects the confidence you’ll feel from looking extra special!

Glamorous makeup is centered on a bit of extra drama—a vivid palette and perhaps a bit of the unexpected. Don’t confuse glamour with garish, though. You want people’s eyes to light up as they say “wow, you look fabulous!” and not have them wonder if you applied your makeup with a spatula.

Like everything else beautiful, glamorous makeup begins with a good base. Make sure hair is clean by washing it day before—the extra day makes it easier to style than freshly washed hair. Prepare your skin by making sure it’s clean, exfoliated, moisturised and protected. Apply your concealer and foundation of choice before focusing on playing up facial features. Lastly, don’t forget your nails—make sure your fingernails and toenails are filed and trimmed. My glam makeup tips focus on the eyes, since the eyes have expression and the greatest capacity for drawing attention!

Play up your eyes

There are many different ways to glamorize your eyes. Here are a few of my favourite makeup tricks for parties, weddings or a special date night.

Smokey Eye

The smokey eye look is my go-to eye makeup look when I want to look and feel glamorous! The traditional smokey eye uses a palette of gray eyeshadows on eyelids, but you can recreate a smokey eye with almost any other colour palette. Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of pink and purple smokey eye looks for summer.

Follow these steps to achieve this eyeshadow look. You’ll need a light colour for highlighting, a medium base colour and a dark colour to add that extra bit of drama. For example, you can create a traditional smokey eye with a silver highlight colour, a medium charcoal gray colour and a dark, almost black colour.

– First things first—prime your eyelids with an eyeshadow primer so that your eyeshadow stays in place and doesn’t crease.

– Next apply the highlight shade onto the inner corners of eyelids and directly under eyebrows.

– Take your medium eyeshadow shade and sweep it across your entire eyelid.

– Now you’re ready to apply the darkest shade. Gently apply the darkest eyeshadow shade to the crease of your eyelid. When I do this makeup technique, I tend to dab the eyeshadow gently along my eyelid crease, making a subtle ‘C’ shape.

– The final step is to BLEND. Take your favourite (clean) eyeshadow blending brush and go over eyelids, blending colours. This step is crucial because a smokey eye shouldn’t have any harsh lines.

This is just one way to achieve a smokey eye look. There are differing opinions in the beauty industry on how to do a smokey eye. Some makeup artists will tell you to only use a very dark and very light colour and skip the medium base colour. Others will tell you that more than three colours are required. This look is about what works for you, so don’t be afraid to experiment and personalize this look!

Shimmery Eyes

Another way to make your eyes stand out is to add some shimmer. You can do this by looking for cosmetics that include a little bit of sparkle. You can create a shimmery smokey eye by using eyeshadows that contain glitter or light reflecting pigments. One of my favourite eye makeup looks is a shimmery gold on the lids, accompanied by a sweep of violet or indigo on the crease. If you’re ready to experiment, try adding some glitter to your look. Glitter eyeliners and subtle hints of glitter eyeshadow are very on-trend these days!

False Eyelashes

To add to your glam factor, you might also want to try false eyelashes. Today’s false lashes have come a long way—they look very realistic and are comfortable to wear. Some things to consider when using false lashes in your glamorous makeup look:

– You have the choice of applying a strip of false lashes or individual false lashes. Individual lashes will give you more of a natural look, but require extra time to apply. When looking for a strip of false lashes, choose lashes that are just a little longer and thicker than your natural eyelashes.

– When using a strip of false lashes measure the lashes and cut off any additional length so that it fits your eye shape before applying.

– After you are done applying your false lashes, add a coat of mascara so the false lashes and your real lashes look blended.

– If your false lash strip is not perfectly aligned with your lash line, fill in any gaps with eyeliner or a dark eyeshadow.

– Lastly, don’t get discouraged with false lashes if they are not applied perfectly; it takes some practice!

Incredible Eyebrows

The finishing touch on glamorous eyes involves your eyebrows. Impeccably groomed and well-defined eyebrows make a dramatic impact and are well worth the effort. You can follow my tips for getting great eyebrows or splurge on a professional eyebrow makeover to get you on the right track. Use a combination of brow powder and pencil to finish your dramatic makeup look.

Glamorous makeup for other facial features

Finish off your glam makeup look with lip colour and blush. For your lips, think back to the golden age of Hollywood. Try enhancing your cupid’s bow—the small “v” at the center of your top lip. Use a lip pencil to draw in a more pronounced angular bow if you don’t already have one. Then continue lining your lips and filling them in with your favourite lip colour.


Looking and feeling glamorous isn’t about a specific formula that works for all. It’s about having fun with your look and experimenting with your individual style to bring out your inner confidence.

Written by beauty expert, Jacquie Carter. Jacquie is Director of Outer Nutrition at Herbalife.

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I’m Thankful and it feels great! How about You?

I wish all my dear friends a wonderful, happy, peaceful, unique, HEALTHY & WEALTHY THANKSGIVING with your dear ones!




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Sasas Motivation des Tages


394Hast Du dich mal gefragt, wen die meisten Menschen bewundern, wen sie “anhimmeln” oder wen sie gerne um sich haben würden bzw. kennenlernen möchten? Meinst Du, das sind die “ganz normalen” Menschen? Oder sind das nicht doch die leicht “Verrückten”, die “Besonderen”, die etwas Besonderes aus ihrem Leben machen, die “Aussteiger”, Ausswanderer usw. !?
Ich denke Letzteres, nicht wahr? Oder warum wird wohl zumeist in den Gazetten nur über STARS, Sänger, Schauspieler, Königshäuser usw. berichtet… und nicht über den Büroangestellten, Beamten oder Verkäufer “um die Ecke”…?
Eben weil diese Menschen erkannst haben, dass unser Leben kurz ist und IHREN TRAUM LEBEN und sie tun genau das, was die “breite Masse” sich nicht traut!
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