8 reasons why short hair could be your next look by Jacquie Carter, beauty expert

8 reasons why short hair could be your next look

8 reasons why short hair could be your next lookGot short hair? Let’s look at what makes a great short style, who suits a short hair style and why short(er) hair might be the best look for you!

You know I like long hair and maybe you feel the same. It’s feminine, it’s versatile and it’s easy. But recently, I’ve been looking at shorter styles and I think sometimes women either dismiss short hair or they get stuck in a rut and end up with a dreaded ‘mom’ cut.

On men and women short hair can be very flattering; a great haircut can accentuate features and look stylish with any outfit. Short hair can also be ultra feminine, think of Audrey Hepburn and her pixie cut, Jennifer Laurence’s current look or, even, Miley Cyrus and her no-place-to-hide short hairstyle.

I’ve been seeing a lot of beauty news recently about short hairstyles on women and its correlation to success. This is not a new concept; ‘power bobs’ became popular decades ago and stayed on the forefront of beauty trends for many years. However, new studies [1]show that that today’s most successful women mostly have short hair. Coincidence? Possibly… but it’s definitely something to consider before your next visit to the salon!

Short hair can cover anything from a long bob to a shaved head but there are eight hair techniques that will make any short cut look fabulous.

8 things you need to know about short hair

Short hair looks good on just about everyone

The secret is finding the right style for you. You need to consider your face shape, your hair type and your lifestyle.  With so many style options it may be that you want something where you can roll out of bed, or you may have enough time in your routine to style your hair every morning. With so many variations you’re bound to find a flattering style that meets your individual needs and preferences.

Sometimes we all need a change

If you’ve been rocking the same hairstyle for years then a drastic change might force you out of that rut. I don’t mean you should commit to loping off your locks without serious thought but be open to the possibility. After a big chop most people love their new style – although they may be nostalgic for the simplicity of a ponytail or topknot during the first few weeks!

Your hairstyle is a personal decision

Our hair goes wherever we go, so we all need to feel good about our hairstyle! Many people who are considering a drastic style change ask their friends and family or even put the question out on Facebook. This can lead to all types of answers that make the whole process more confusing. The only person you really need to listen to is you… and your stylist.

Communication is your friend

No one wants a hair disaster so take your time choosing a stylist. Make sure you have a good rapport but choose your stylist based on their hair-cutting prowess.  Take time talking to them, go through some pictures and make sure they understand your hair. Do they have experience with your particular texture? Have they spotted all your cowlicks and the way that section of your hair does that thing? (Last time I had a terrible haircut I had to share the responsibility – by the end of the cut I felt like the person cutting my hair was a potential new best friend but she had concentrated on chatting and not cutting. One wash later, I could see all sorts of scissor errors!)

You don’t have to visit the salon all the time

It’s a beauty myth that short hair requires more maintenance. Yes, shorter styles can require more maintenance but short hair needn’t necessitate constant trips to the hairdresser. A quality cut will allow for a decent amount of regrowth and even a transition to a longer cut. Sure a pixie cut or something particularly complicated might need sharpening up more often to keep it fresh. But, depending on the shape of your cut, you should schedule a trim every four to six weeks. That’s about the same trim frequency as longer hair.

A short hair cut can be feminine or masculine

Your face shape (and gender!) will work with your haircut to make it look masculine or feminine.  No one will automatically mistake a woman for a man just because of a shorter cut. With that said, most females prefer a slightly softer cut and many men prefer something that has a more blunt style.

Short hair can still be glamorous

Got a big night out planned but think that short hair will restrict your options? No way – you just need to think about your hair differently if your natural inclination is to create a complicated updo.  Short hair can be styled to be sleek or messy, and it can take volume or fancy accessories that complement an outfit. I think one of the nicest looks is simple hair that draws attention to your face. As you get used to short hair you’ll discover more and more ways to change up your look.

Watch out for highlights

There aren’t many rules when it comes to hair but one thing I have noticed is that highlights in short hair can up the maintenance significantly. Regrowth appears more obvious in short hair and you can end up with lines and stripes. I recommend going for a block color or ask your stylist to mix up a fashion color to create more dimension. (The beauty of short hair is that, if you do find yourself with a color that just isn’t right, then it won’t take long to grow out!)


What do you think? Do you have an attractive short hair cut, or do you love long hair and couldn’t imagine going for a short hair style? Tell me your opinions in the comments section!

Written by beauty expert, Jacquie Carter. Jacquie is Director of Outer Nutrition at Herbalife.
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