Video: How many calories are in a sandwich wrap? with Susan Bowerman

How many calories are in a sandwich wrap? | Herbalife Nutrition

Sandwich wraps are a common lunch choice item. They’re convenient and easy to eat compared to a sandwhich that can potentially fall apart, but what caloric impact does this food make on your daily diet? In this video, registered dietitian and Herbalife nutrition expert, Susan Bowerman, breaks down the nutrition facts on sandwich wraps.

A typical chicken caesar salad sandwich wrap, like the one shown in this video, can add up to 600 calories! Part of that comes from the convenience of being able to neatly package all your favorite toppings and fillings into a large flour tortilla wrap.

Let’s breakdown the ingredients used to make a chicken caesar salad wrap:

-14 inch in diameter flour tortilla can be up to 350 calories
-extra calories from ranch, mayonaise, or sour cream spread
-chicken ceasar salad filling (with dressing and a few croutons like seen in this video) adds up to 600 calories

Taking those calories and ingredients into consideration, you’ve got the equivalent of 6.5 tablespoons of fat and more than 1000 milligrams of sodium (a half teaspoon of salt). That’s about the same amount of calories, sodium and fat as you’d get from a typical fast food cheeseburger and fries.


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