Changes on the skin that indicate a lack of vitamins and minerals

vitamins and minerals

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To ensure that you consume enough nutrients you need to listen to your body and the signals that it’s sending.If you notice a change in the body,it could mean that you lack some of the vitamins or minerals.These are the changes that you should pay attention.

Cracking at the corners of the mouth – These are signals that you lack iron,zinc and B vitamins,such as vitamin B3, B2 and B12.This situation often occurs in vegeterians because they don’t consume enough of mentioned substances.

Solution: Eat more spinach,peanuts,legumessuch as lenses,poultry meat,salmon,tuna,eggs,shellfish and crustaceans.

The absorption of iron is increased with Vitamin C which also helps in fighting infection.Combine these foods with vegetables such as broccoli,red peppers,cabbage and cauliflower.

A red rash on the face or other part of the body and hair loss – You are probably missing vitamin B7,also known as vitamin for hair.If you are eating raw eggs that makes you vulnerable because of the protein present in raw eggs,called avidin,that inhibit the body’s ability to absorb biotin.

Solution: Eat more eggs (cooking deactivates avidin),salmon,avocado,mushrooms,cauliflower,soybeans,walnuts,raspberries and bananas.

Red or white appearance of the skin similar to acne,usually on the face,arms,thighs and buttocks – If this happen you are probablly missing essential fatty acids and vitamins A and D.

Solution : Eat less saturated fats and transfats,such as margarine and hardened vegetable fat,you should remove completly from your diet and replace them with healthy type of fats.You should eat more salmon and sardines,nuts like almonds and walnuts and seeds like flax and hemp.

For vitamin A you should eat more greens and vegetables such as carrots,sweet potatoes and red peppers.This vegetable has a lot of beta carotene,which your body uses to get the required vitamin.And only 10 minutes in the sun will help you to get vitamin D.

Tingling and numbness in the arms,legs or anywhere else – In this case you are missing B vitamins such as folic acid (B9),B6 and B12.This deficiency is directly linked to the peripheral nerves.These symptoms can occur in combination with anxiety,depression,anemia,fatigue and hormonal imbalances.

Solution : Eat spinach,asparagus,beets,beans,eggs,shellfish,crustaceans and poultry.

Muscle cramps,stabbing pain in the fingers,wrists,arched feet,legs and back – In this case your body needs magnesium,calcium and potassium.If you exercise regularly,you may lose more minerals(and B vitamins that are soluble in water) due to strong perspiration.
Solution: Eat more bananas,almonds,hazelnuts,zucchini,cherry,apple,grapefruit,broccoli,dark leafy greens,such as kale and spinach and dandelion leaves.

Source: Healthy Food paradise


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