The party season is here! Make the most of the holidays, and feel great doing it!

Make the most of the holidays, and feel great doing it!

Party season has arrived, and there’s no better time to be looking great and feeling amazing. To help you stay motivated on your fitness and nutrition plan, our Herbalife experts share their perfect winter workout, give the lowdown on fats, and reveal holiday beauty secrets.

Care for your heart!

Herbalifeline winter 2015a
Herbalifeline® is an omega 3 supplement rich in Omega-3 essential fatty-acids EPA and DHA, known to help maintain the normal function of the heart.


  • Rich in EPA and DHA to help maintain the normal function of the heart. To achieve this beneficial effect, consume 250 mg of EPA & DHA per day as recommended by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)
  • Consuming Omega 3 fatty acids helps keep your heart healthy, our bodies do not produce adequate levels so we need to obtain them from an external source
  • DHA also contributes to the maintenance of normal brain function and vision
  • Contains essential oils to freshen the taste


Studies have shown many western diets are very low in the long chain omega-3 fatty acids (EPA & DHA), which is why a supplement may be beneficial. Nutritionists’ advice is for people to consume between 2 and 3 servings of fish per week to achieve the recommended omega-3 intake.


Take 1-3 capsules three times a day preferably with meals.


60 Softgels

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