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What is the Cause for Overweight

What is the Cause for Overweight

Analyze your body and see where you have most of fat. It tells about your lifestyle! Learn how to get rid of your excessive fat.Obesity is the condition when an individual has too much body weight, and it especially refers to body fat. It affects both sexes, at any age.
The scientists have established that there are six types of obesity which appears because of different reasons. In this article, we describe each category and tell you how to solve the problem of fatness:

1.Obesity caused by food
This is the most ordinary reason which provokes fatness. The condition appears because of a great amount of food and sugars consumption. Also, it may be because of the sedentary job you have and the calorie-dense food which you are used to eat at work. In this case, for getting rid of excessive fat change your diet. Try do decrease the quantity of food and eliminate sugars. Also, physical exercises are welcomed: at least 30 minutes daily.2.Fatness caused by inactivity
If you used to be active in past and now you do not practice exercises, then it can cause obesity in certain parts of your body. In this case, it is important to have a well programmed schedule of taking meals, the period between them not being too long, but, at the same time, the diet to be full of healthy elements.

3.Obesity because of “nervous stomach”
This kind of fatness occurs as a consequence of anxiety, depression and stress. Usually, depressed persons eat too much sweet. The best solution to get rid of stress and, at the same time, of excessive fat, is by doing exercises.

4.Metabolic obesity
The persons who have a swollen stomach, usually gather fat in this part of their body. As a rule, these people have psychological problems, about which they try to forget with the help of alcohol, that affects their body. Also, these people have problems with breathing.

5.Gluten obesity
This type of fatness is often met at women who pass through menopause, or who experience hormonal imbalance. For not dealing with this problem, avoid prolonged sitting, remove definitively from your lifestyle smoking and alcohol. Exercises with weights are the most appropriate for this kind of obesity.

6.Fatness provoked by venous circulation
This type of obesity is genetically inherited. The people who suffer of this condition have swollen legs. But it can also be just an inherited kind of diet which makes the people obese and that is usually shared in a family. To feel better they have to practice more physical activity like, for example, climbing stairs and running. But, unfortunately, a poor diet and strengthening exercises will have almost no effect for the people suffering of this disease.

So, in the majority of cases changes in our daily diet and exercises will help get rid of the excessive fat. In other cases, social support and medications can also be included.

So, we hope that this article will help you to realize what kind of lifestyle you have and how you could change it.

What is the Cause for Overweight

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Regular Pizza VS Gluten Free Pizza: Which is better for you? with Susan Bowerman

Who doesn’t like to eat pizza? You may think a gluten free pizza is better for you than a regular pizza. But if you take a close look at what’s in those pizzas, you’ll find out gluten-free doesn’t necessarily mean that a food is going to be lower in fat or lower in calories or healthier for you.

In this video, Registered Dietitian Susan Bowerman compares the nutrition facts on a regular pizza and a gluten-free pizza. Here’s what she found out:

A single serve regular pizza contains:
• 400 calories
• 17g of fat
• 47g of carbohydrate
• 16g of protein

Now let’s take a look at the gluten-free version:
• 490 calories
• 25g of fat
• 55g of carbohydrate
• 12g of protein

The gluten-free version has 90 more calories than the regular version, it has 4 grams less protein, and it has 8 more grams of fat which is nearly two teaspoons more fat than the regular version.

Some people do need to avoid gluten but when you’re choosing a pizza, always look at the nutrition facts panel so you know exactly what you’re getting. The more you know about the food you eat, the better choices you can make.

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Does eating at bedtime lead to weight gain? | Herbalife Healthy Eating Advice

You might have heard that eating at bedtime can lead to weight gain, that isn’t necessarily the case. In this video, Susan Bowerman, talks about why people eat at bedtime, what can come from eating late, and whether it fits into your dietary plan.

Why do people think it’s bad to eat at bedtime?

Perhaps you’ve been told that the later you eat during the day, the more likely that can cause weight gain. But that’s not true. In fact, your body doesn’t really know what time of day it is. What matters here is calories. You should eat the calories that suit your nutritional needs because if you eat too many calories, be that in the morning or at night, that can lead to gaining weight.

What are some typical reasons people eat at bedtime?

People eat at bedtime, or have a late-night snack for a variety of reasons. Maybe some people find that eating a snack before bedtime means they’ll sleep better. Others prefer to have an early dinner, stay up late and get hungry. Those early diners might get hungry and grab a small bite.

What if you’re trying to gain weight?

Now, there might be people who are looking to eat at night simply because they’re trying to gain a couple pounds. So if you’re trying to gain weight, it’s okay to eat and sneak in extra calories by having a snack close to bedtime.

Does eating a bedtime snack lead to better night’s sleep?

As Susan mentions in the video, the time of day isn’t as important as you might think, what matters is your calorie intake for the day. So, if you’ve saved up some calories, meaning have some to spare, a snack at bedtime is great. And if you find that having a snack before bed helps you sleep, that’s also fine as long as you keep your calorie intake for the day in mind.

If I’m an athlete, is bedtime snacking okay for me?

Eating at bedtime is important for athletes and there are a few reasons why. A lot of the time, it’s difficult for athletes to meet their daily calorie needs. Sneaking in a small bite before bed is a perfect time for athletes to get more calories. Plus, for athletes, and people who workout in the morning, it’s important to fuel up (have a snack) the night before so that you’re energize the following morning.

Aside from getting more calories in before the end of the day, there are studies that suggest a small portion of protein at night before bed can assist in muscle recovery after working out. It’s perfect for athletes to get calories and protein to help recovery while fueling them for more physical activity the next day.

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