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How to Make Air Travel More Interesting and Land Feeling Great

by Samantha Clayton, AFAA, ISSA

Keeping active during a flight can enhance the adventure.

Right now I’m on a plane. I’m a long way up over the Atlantic Ocean and I’m feeling a little conflicted: I love to travel but I’m not a fan of sitting still.

I’ve been doing a lot of flying recently, and although I’ve been to some great places and met wonderful people, it still means I’ve been sitting down for long periods of time during air travel. That’s just not something my body is used to doing. In fact, I’m such a believer in keeping my body moving that I find it hard to sit still at home, too.

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How often have you seen a kid sitting still for a long time?

My constant need for movement makes me laugh, as I remind myself that I am constantly telling my kids to stop fidgeting and sit still. I’m typing this while confined to a chair and I’ve been hit by a revelation – kids have got the right idea. With all the known facts about how movement can improve your mood, it makes sense that kids are almost always happy. And it makes me wonder: should we ever be sat in one position for hours at a time? 

It’s my opinion that the human body is designed for movement. Sitting still for prolonged periods of time isn’t a great idea, especially as it can impact your circulation while also making you feel stiff and cranky. Many airlines provide an exercise sheet to encourage you to stretch and wiggle your feet to keep your circulation moving efficiently, and I encourage you to follow their instructions. Don’t feel that completing the exercise card routine once is enough – you need to listen to your body. If you’re on a long flight, then revisit the exercise card routine every couple of hours. And I suggest also adding your own moves to make sure stiffness doesn’t get a chance to build up anywhere. For instance, if you spend a lot of time reading or staring at a screen, then loosen up your neck muscles periodically. And if you fall asleep at an odd angle, then take the time to work out all the kinks systematically when you wake up.

Channel your inner child: keep on moving

Wondering about all this made me decide to do want my what body wanted – to move around. I just stepped into the aisle and stretched. And you know what? It felt wonderful. My low-key aisle aerobics were certainly worth the looks and smiles I received from fellow passengers.

I made sure not to get in anyone’s way and made the most of the small amount of space available. I’m not tall, so reaching for the ceiling felt great, and releasing the tension that had built up in my neck and shoulders was a relief. I’d say a few people were intrigued by my actions, and unfortunately everyone was too shy to join me. We are taught from a young age to sit still and not cause a fuss, but one curious passenger on my right asked a few fitness questions and I was happy to explain. I’m on a mission to inspire people to take ownership of their bodies. And if that means I also need to help people free themselves from social awkwardness, then so be it. Let’s all rid ourselves of the social awkwardness that comes hand in hand with going outside of what is considered normal.

Since returning to my seat, I’ve been daydreaming of how fun it would be if air stewards interrupted the quiet sedentary slumber with some upbeat music, combined with a few chair exercises to revitalize and energize passengers. It could even be done using the TV system, or they could do it over the intercom. I’m convinced it would spark conversations among chair partners about their views on movement or lack of it. I’m sure you have a few thoughts on whether this is a good or bad idea but, whatever you think, you know it will make for a more ‘interesting’ flight. 

Follow these tips and you’ll feel great when you land

Travel tip – Hydrate yourself often

Drink enough to stay hydrated inside and out. You may find that your skin looks better for it even after the harsh air conditioning on board. You’re also more likely to avoid a dehydration headache if you drink frequently enough to avoid ever feeling really thirsty. Drinking often will also mean that you have no choice but to move because you’ll be going to the bathroom!

Travel tip – Sit comfortably

Sitting with your back fully supported in the chair and being mindful of your posture combined with occasional lower leg, neck and shoulder stretches will ensure you get off your flight feeling refreshed and ready for action.

Travel tip – Move your body

At regular intervals throughout the air travel adventure, make sure you move. Make time to follow the exercise card if it’s provided, and embrace your inner child by fidgeting to your heart’s content.


When I get off a plane, I have to hit the road full steam ahead, whether I’m headed to a fitness class or home to my excited (and fidgeting) children. It’s important that my body is feeling great and I’m ready to tackle my next challenge head on. So, next time you fly, shake your shyness and move around a little! You may be surprised by how liberated you feel.

Written by Samantha Clayton, AFAA, ISSA. Samantha is Senior Director of Worldwide Fitness Education at Herbalife.


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Meine Gedanken zum Neuen Jahr


Hallo Freunde!

Na, wie sind die ersten Tage des neuen Jahres für Dich verlaufen? Wie gehabt?…

Hast Du “Gute Vorsätze”? Abnehmen, Rauchen aufhören, gesünder essen, mehr Sport, mehr reisen, mehr Zeit mit der Familie und für Hobbies, mehr Geld verdienen usw. das sind ja für die meisten die üblichen “Wünsche”…
Und nach ein paar Wochen, sind diese für die meisten leider schon wieder vergessen… und sie werden “schwach” und gehen weiter in dem gehabten Trott ihres vorherigen Lebens…

Da fällt mir gerade das Lied von Udo Jürgens ein “Ich war noch niemals in New York”…  der Mann, der sich letztendlich nicht traut, seinen Traum umzusetzen und wieder zurück geht ins “Treppenhaus mit Bohnerwachs und Spießigkeit”…

Was hast Du dieses Jahr vor? Wovon träumst DU?
Wirst DU am Ende dieses Jahres dort sein, wo Du jetzt schon bist?

Oder wird sich für Dich in diesem Jahr WIRKLICH etwas ändern?

Willst Du zu der Masse gehören, die so weiter macht, wie bisher und sich “zufrieden gibt”, bzw. sich immer weiter “beschwert”, weil dies und das nicht funktioniert und immer wieder neue Gründe und Entschuldigungen (er)findet, warum sie ja nicht anders können…?

Oder wirst DU zu den weinigen gehören, die die “Ärmel hochkremplen” und sagen: DAS WIRD MEIN JAHR! Jetzt bin ich bereit, mein Leben selbst in die Hand zu nehmen, Verantwortung dafür zu übernehmen und genau DAS Leben zu leben, was ICH WIRKLICH WILL!

Wusstest DU schon?>>>>

Ich wünsche Euch fürs Neue Jahr, dass Ihr den Mut und die Kraft findet, “eingefahrene Wege” zu verlassen und beginnt, daran zu arbeiten, damit Ihr das Leben leben könnt, wovon Ihr träumt. Es geht dabei eben nicht um “Wünsche und Hoffnungen”, es geht nicht darum, darauf zu warten, das alles besser wird… sondern um AKTIVE VERÄNDERUNG, denn das “neue Jahr” beginnt in Deinem Kopf und in dem Moment, wo DU DICH ÄNDERST!


Wenn Du willst, dass sich die Dinge ändern, dann musst Du Dich ändern. Wenn Du willst, dass die Dinge besser werden, dann musst Du besser werden. Das lehrte uns der große Business Philosoph Jim Rohn.


Wenn Du das begreifst, wird sich alles für dich ändern und Du kannst genau das Leben leben, was Du willst! Genau DAS wünsche ich Dir für dieses Neue Jahr!
Herzliche Grüße,


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